Digital Hearing Aids

Digital Hearing Aids

Hear better, clearer and easier with the most innovative technology to date

The Hearing Clinic Milton Keynes is an independent digital hearing aid provider which means we are not restricted to what digital hearing aids we can dispense to our patients. We guarantee to provide a quality product that you will love from day one.

Your new digital hearing aids will start you on a journey of re-discovery. Hearing the rain on the window, relaxing while you listen to your favourite music or hearing a familiar voice clearly can be a revelation. The best part is being able to re-connect with the world and those around you.

No digital hearing aid technology is able to cure your hearing loss but with our sophisticated digital hearing aids and skilled Audiologist we promise you a better, clearer and easier listening experience. We are able to provide continuous care and attention to your hearing health with a personalised rehabilitation program helping you achieve the best level of hearing possible.

Which hearing aid is right for you?

Our patients come from various backgrounds from company directors with demanding lifestyles requiring the latest innovative technology to the retired individual attending a small family function. The Hearing Clinic Milton Keynes provides digital hearing aids to meet the needs and demands of every individual.

No matter what hearing challenges you face on a daily basis we promise to find you hearing aids that you will love. Our technology will provide you with improved understanding of speech in noise, a natural sound quality and comfort when in use.

Digital hearing aid technology

You will find our approach to hearing care completely unique. We invite an open discussion and are happy to compare our products and prices with any other hearing aid supplier out there on the market.

This website is designed to give you an overall understanding of the brilliant technology and features available which allow us to provide our patients at The Hearing Clinic Milton Keynes with undisputed hearing clarity.

Please take your time and study the information throughout our website. There is more information on the styles and a comparison between NHS and Private options available here.

Hearing aid features and benefits

Some of our latest products including the ‘Made for iPhone’ ReSound Linx² and Starkey Halo

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Starkey Halo

The new Venture range from Phonak is a step even further from the remarkable Quest products. Ventures new ‘AutoSense’ feature now offers a seamless listening experience with amazing clarity.

Clicking on the manufacture logos below will take you to manufacture specific websites where you can find out detailed information on specific products and their features.


ReSound Linx


For a more detailed discussion and to experience our caring and enthusiastic approach to providing the best hearing health for our patients please call and arrange to meet with our Audiologist. Alternatively you can email or fill out the Enquiry form here.