Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Repairs

Is your hearing aid out of warranty?

Have you been advised it can not be repaired due to its age?

Do you wish to keep an old hearing aid as a spare for emergency use?

Are you saving up for a new hearing aid and need the old one to keep you going for a little longer?

The Hearing Clinic Milton Keynes provide a hearing aid repair service for any one wanting a repair or a general service for their hearing aids. We can repair ANY branded hearing aid, ANY age and ANY model. Even if your original supplier or the manufacturer themselves refuse to fix it, contact our clinic by email, fill in an enquiry form or give us a call  and we will endeavour to go the extra mile and source the parts for you.

We offer a FREE collection and delivery service to all our customers in Milton Keynes and the local area


Standard Hearing Aid Repair  £149

This covers the cleaning and service of the hearing aid as well as replacing the microphones and receiver. This is by far the most  common type of hearing aid repair we deal with.

Re-shell £299

This involves taking a new impression of the ear to make a new outer shell for the hearing aid. This is often required if the shell has broken or cracked. Sometimes a change in the shape of the ear may also require a re-shell. We will come to you and arrange the impression and measurements required and arrange the re-shell.

For extra peace of mind all our hearing aid repairs come with a 6 month warranty covering component failure

At present our turn around time is 8 working days for all repairs

Please note: Our repairs will not affect the programming of the hearing aids in any way. If the sound of your hearing aid needs adjusting we always advise to contact your Audiologist. Our repairs are exclusively for the components of the hearing aid. 

Dear Patients we are open

Due to restrictions  there is a limit on the daily number of appointments available.


When you attend an appointment please attend the clinic on your own. Only attend if you have had no symptoms of Covid-19.

Appointments can be made directly online 

or by calling me direct.

Best wishes & keep safe 
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