Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

For many of us hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process. Hearing loss can also be caused by various other factors like illness, injury, ear infections and exposure to noise.

Hearing loss is a common problem

There are over 10 million people in this country with some form of hearing difficulty. (That’s 1 in 6 of the population)

70% of over 70 year old’s and 40% of over 50’s have some form of hearing loss. Despite being a common issue sadly it is also one of the most ignored. It can take up to 10 years for someone to address their hearing concern.

Hearing plays an important role in our everyday lives. Its our way of joining in with family and friends and communicating with colleagues. We rely on our hearing to lose ourselves in music, catch up with the news or relax with our favourite movie or soap.

While in most cases hearing loss may not cause physical pain, it can have social and psychological implications. There is a breakdown in communication, frustration and confusion can lead to social isolation and loss of self-esteem. This is why it is important to recognize signs of hearing loss early.

Hearing loss


If you suspect you or a friend is experiencing difficulties with their hearing consider the list below:

  • Do you ask others to repeat themselves?
  • Do friends complain that the TV is too loud?
  • Does it become difficult to follow a conversation in background noise?
  • Does it seem to you as if people are mumbling?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may have a hearing loss.  When was the last time you had a hearing test?  Why wait years and suffer in silence with an issue that can be readily addressed with hearing instruments?

If you are feeling hesitant about taking the next step remember that you are not alone. Consider the improvements in quality of life experienced by individuals who take action and address their hearing loss.

The experience can be life changing- hearing aid users say they grow in confidence, communicating in groups becomes easier and less stressful and they begin to enjoy life again.

Our hearing allows us to connect with our surroundings and communicate with our loved ones. The ability to hear properly can go along way in helping to stay active. Correct communication with family and friends can mean the difference between a fun and enjoyable day out or a confusing and frustrating day.  Do not suffer in silence book now and start your journey to better hearing.

Your journey to better hearing

At The Hearing Clinic Milton Keynes we understand that discovering you have a hearing loss can be difficult to accept. This is why we provide continuous ongoing support on your journey to better hearing.

The hearing assessment is only the start. We take time in understanding you and your life style because you are unique. Unlike a sight test when you see an optician every 2 years.  Your Audiologist at The Hearing Clinic Milton Keynes will see you on a regular basis for the life of your hearing aids.

We appreciate that when patients come to us they expect a friendly service but also expect great results.  This is a responsibility we take on with extreme care. We want every single patient to achieve the best hearing health possible.

At The Hearing Clinic Milton Keynes we understand that hearing loss not only affects the individual but also those around you. We always encourage a family member or a friend to be present during the consultation. Our experts will work with you in understanding what communication barriers you face on a daily basis. Discussing what is important to you will enable us to provide you with the best specialist product designed just for you allowing you to achieve maximum benefit from your hearing.

Our aim is to offer a service like you have never experienced before.  At The Hearing Clinic Milton Keynes your hearing health is our number one priority.  Your Audiologist will offer to work with you and design a personal rehabilitation plan with mutually agreed targets and objectives.  Our ongoing support and after care service will ensure you meet the goals set in your personal hearing health plan enabling you to achieve your goal to a better hearing lifestyle.

The combination of expert knowledge, sophisticated hearing aid technology and genuine desire to help you hear better provides our patients with peace of mind that they will be looked after through out their hearing journey.

For friendly advice and to discuss your requirements call our dedicated clinical staff on 07599 095 465 or email sham@thehearingclinicmk.co.uk



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